There will be entertainment scattered around the village throughout the day…..

Tideswell Band are a non contesting band in the heart of the Peak District, we have a variety of different music to cater for almost any audience.
We also welcome anyone who can/wants to learn to play.

Why the name DaleDiva?
Firstly, the choir is based in the beautiful Derbyshire Dales. Secondly, we feel that there is a Diva inside everyone. Not one of those ‘self-important people who are temperamental and difficult to please’, but rather, ‘someone who has a voice and a performance inside them that just needs to be heard’. 

The Bailey Sisters
We’re not Sisters, and we don’t drink Bailey’s . . .
The Bailey Sisters are Karen Dyson, Shelley Rainey and Aly Rainey. Karen and Shelley live either side of Manchester and Aly lives in High Wycombe. Although this might seem a little far apart for close harmony, it works very well!
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