We were back to our normal slot in May and this turned out to be our busiest festival to date.
Cakes, coffee, cheese, cider, curry mix and chocolate.
Pies, preserves, pastries and (tornado) potatoes.
Brownies, bread, beer, biltong and bee supplies.
Scotch eggs, sweeties and (flavoured) spirits
Hot food stalls selling crepes, Caribbean, Thai, Indian ,Cypriot food and of course great British bangers and burgers.
And of course we promised you doughnuts….

Exotic Spirits

I Love Crepes

Orsom Cheese

Direct Beers

Gwyneth Jane Page

Scrumptious By Lucy

Derbyshire Pie Company

Foodiie Spice Packs

Bittersweet Chocolate

Environment Group

Giant Frying Pan

Death By Fudge