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Tideswell Made trust mark logo
Tideswell Made trust mark logo

Tideswell Made is a “Trust Mark” scheme designed to help local retailers and producers identify their food products so that locals and visitors can see which products most benefit these local businesses.

All qualifying businesses have to sign up to the following principles and display them on their premises. In return Taste Tideswell provides branding, point of sale material, PR, and help and advice to help businesses thrive by selling more local products in local stores and in time by selling Tideswell Made products outside the village.

The Principles of Tideswell Made:

Identified Food Products will be:

  • As local as possible- from Tideswell or within 30miles if it’s available, in terms of

–      Ingredients

–      Labour

–      Suppliers

–      Recipes

  • As good as possible

–      Honest, traceable, and accountable

–      Safe and hygienic in production

–      Follow Food Safety Act provisions

–      Premises registered or approved by local authority

–      Owner must have had HACCP training

–      Good value

–      As environmentally responsible as possible, ie minimal packaging and minimum waste

–      Aiming to improve every year, towards the Environmental Quality Mark

  • Made and marketed with respect for the whole village and its reputation
  • Made by people who are as helpful as possible

–      To one another

–      To our customers

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