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More foody treats at Saturday’s Food Festival

Mrs Shah’s Curry Mix
Mrs Shah’s Curry Mix is made from a unique family recipe of 19 herbs and spices blended for the perfect curry experience.
Unlike most curry products, we do not make a sauce. Our products only contain freshly ground herbs and spices that are used to make curries in the indian sub-continent. Thats why you will always get an authentic curry using Mrs Shah’s Curry Mix.
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Proove Pizza

The pop-up Proove pizza oven is where our story began.
Our wood-fired street pizzas are handmade and cooked to perfection by one of our pizza pros, fresh and on-demand.

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The Tasty Cakery

The Tasty Cakery doesn’t believe in making gluten free and/or vegan cakes but believes in making good tasty cakes that also happen to be gluten free, or gluten free & dairy free, or gluten free & vegan.

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